Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2015-2016

Episode 4: The Search for Space - Homecoming • October 9, 2015

Intro: Cody Williams, Harrison Scullin, Chazz Mansey

Graphics: Cody, Urbz

Anchors: Tristan Moss-Vazquez, Eric Nava, Jackie Melendez, Daniel Despart, Madison Tanner, Juliet Artiaga

Weather: Dylan Moss, Bailey Black, Parker Balders, Buzz Lightyear

Sports: Madison Tanner, Kylie Brown

Sports: Kylie Brown, Jackie, Jacob Black, Chazz, Vanessa Almarez, Parker

Avatar: Juliet

College Apps Comm: Chloe Archambault, Laurielle Schwab

Prom Date Comm: Chloe, Laurielle, Andrew Willis

Cinderella’s Closet: Juliet, Kylie Brown, Jacob, Parker

Homecoming Interviews: Laurielle, Chloe, Juliet

Football Comm: Bailey, Parker, Chazz

Magic Carpet Ride: Jacob, Chazz, Jonny Viero, Dylan, Tristan

Football Comm: Bailey, Parker, Chazz

Mustaches & Late Night: Daniel, Tristan, Eric Nava

Halloween: Parker, Vanessa, Madison

Ukelele Songs: Chloe, Guy, Chazz, Laurielle, Cody, Brockton, Vanessa

The Ending: Jackie, Parker