Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2014-2015

Episode 2: Something's Fishy • September 19, 2014

Graphics: Mr. Urbz / Assistant Instructor: Cody Williams

Mission Impossible: Jackie Melendez, Summer Foerch, Chloe Archambault, Madilyn Cendejas, Dr. Annous, Madison Tanner

Anchors: Kylie Brown, Chloe, Ms. Millen, Kyra Gardner (and a big thank you to Ms. Millen on saving Kylie’s backpack and phone!)

Texting Interviews: Kylie Brown, Mr. Wallace, Mrs. Longworth, Mr. Wear, Mrs. Rigney, Dr. Annous

Land Shark: Chloe Archambault, Eric Nava, Madison Tanner, Summer Foerch

Bass Faces: Alex Richardson, Chris Stanley, Nick Hartman, and the RT Crew.

Help a Freshman: Jacob Jensen, Jackie Melendez, Madilyn Cendejas, Caiden Schwab, Kyra Gardner

Sports: Kyra Gardner, Mrs. Perkins, Kylie Brown

Weather: Jonathan Delfin, Bailey Black

The Office: Cody Williams, Caiden Schwab, Vlad Kinzer, Kyra Gardner, Kylie Brown, Summer Foerch, Alex Richardson

Puns: Madilyn Cendejas, Madison Tanner, Hayley Seat, Vlad Kinzer, Jacob Jensen, Johnny D

Freaky Friday: Mrs. Longworth, Ms. McCreery, Mrs. Cobb, Mrs. Markovich, Mrs. Erlanger, Mrs. Rigney, Vlad Kinzer, Jacob Jensen, Tristan Moss Vazquez, Kylie Brown