Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2014-2015

Episode 18: Prom Time • May 29, 2015

Graphics: Mr. Urbz & Cody Williams

Get the Jack: Vlad Kinzer, Jack, Eduardo Granados, Jacob Jensen,

Anchors: Hayley Seat, Jacob Jensen, Madilyn Cendejas

Dancing: Jackie Melendez, Madison Tanner, Madilyn Cendejas, Hayley Seat, Vlad Kinzer

Weather: Jonathan Delfin, Jacob Jensen

Grad Nite Comm: Chris Stanley, Alex Richardson, Bailey Black, Mrs. Bunkers

Dumb & Dumber: Caiden Schwab and Senior friends

Easy A: Kyra Garnder, Kylie Brown, Caiden Schwab, Vlad Kinzer, Bailey Black, Chris Stanley, Madilyn Cendejas, Hayley Seat, and Senior friends (such as Jaime Silas).

Going to Prom? on FB: Eduardo Granados, Chloe Archambault, Jackie Melendez, Hayley Seat, Bailey Black, Madilyn Cendejas, Summer Foerch