Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2014-2015

Episode 1: Sassy • September 5, 2014

Rim Today returns to our 14th season from Rim of the World High School. This school year, our theme is Sassy. Who doesn’t want to be sassy every now and then?

Graphics: Mr. Urbz / Assistant Instructor: Cody Williams

Principal Gru: Kyra Gardner, Kylie Brown, Caiden Schwab, Bailey Black, Dr. Annous, Mr. Craft, Mr. Swem, Jonathan Delfin, Vlad Kinzer

Anchors: Summer Foerch, Kyra Gardner, Caiden Schwab

Interviews: Kyra Gardner, Caiden Schwab

Sandwich Game: Alex Richardson, Chris Stanley, Katie Coleman

Help a Freshman: Kyra Gardner, Ryan Meza, Ellie, Caiden Schwab, Madilyn Cendejas

Corner Store: Madison Tanner, Hayley Seat, Vlad Kinzer

Sports: Kylie Brown, Kyra Gardner, Caiden Schwab, Dylan Moss

Weather: Jonathan Delfin, Chloe Archambault

ASB News: Cody Williams, Mr. Urbz, Mrs. Phillips, Taylor Camarena, Tristan Moss-Vazquez

Laughing Matters: Madilyn Cendejas, Madison Tanner, Hayley Seat, Ms. McCreery, Mrs. Longworth, Mr. Reisbord

Football Comm: Jackie Melendez, Madilyn Cendejas