Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2011-2012

Episode 9: Hot Shots • November 18, 2011

This production went pretty smooth although there were a lot of hours put into it. RHS Football and Volleyball have a HUGE weekend ahead of them. Good luck to them! A special Thank You to Mr. Whitesell, his family, and their customers for letting us have some fun at Hot Shots! Great atmosphere to enjoy. We had a blast. Be sure to sing the jingle when you order. We are going to take a break after this episode for our Fall Break and upcoming holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Intro: TK, Urbz

Catapults: TK, Ben, Joey, Charlie

Anchors @ Hot Shots: Toni, Chris, Cameron, Cody, The Whitesells, TK, Charlie, Morgan

Challenge Days: Kyra, Cameron

Sports: Chris, Toni, Joey, Mr. Turner

Cooking: Caitlin, Kyra, Cameron, Urbz

Teacher Interviews: Callie, Koral, Reina, Autumn

Canned Food Drive: Max, Urbz

Weather: Zach, Patrick, Cody

Lazer Bears: Kyle, TK, Charlie, Katrina, Joey, Morgan