Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2011-2012

Episode 8: Halloween Madness • October 28, 2011

This was a monster of an episode to produce. We incorporated Mad Science Night III with our favorite holiday of Halloween. This was another FULL 2 weeks worth of work while producing last week’s mega-dance-episode. Talk about render times! We hope you enjoy it! Cameron wants to give some credit to David Sireika for the Mad Science Night music idea. Ok, David? NBD, right? :-)
We are going to take a break after this episode for a field trip and upcoming holidays. We will return sometime in November.

MSN Intro: Ben, Cody, Toni, Urbz, Mr. Arner, Chris

Blood Drive: Toni

Drama Comms: Randi, Mike, Taylor, RHS Drama, Urbz

Halloween Intro: TK

Wrestling Comm: Caitlin, Chris, Koral, Autumn

Magic by Jake: Jacob, Reina, Autumn

PAC Ghost Light: Cameron, Caitlin, Randi

Mad Science Night: Kyra, Cody, Ben, Chris, Cameron, Patrick, Mr. Arner, Mrs. Schonert

Elkyra - Anchor: Kyra, Toni, Urbz

CCC Busters/Mr. Tinkle: All of AV & the Urbz’s, Joey Spooner

Creepy Closet: Cody, Chris, TK

Kyle’s Beard: Kyle, TK, Charlie, Katrina