Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2011-2012

Episode 7: Homecoming • October 21, 2011

This was a beast of an episode to produce and edit. We were editing with crunch time attitude that started on Monday. Although some segments are silly and fun, we learned a lot more about scheduling for pre-production and production. Super special thanks to Rim Drama, Rim Band & Mr. Lees, Mr. Beck for the Intro music, Mrs. Porter for the sashes, Mr. Hill for his coolness, and Ms. Shawna for teaching Toni and Chris the Tango. We are already working on next week’s episode for Halloween! We are selling Rim Today buttons in the Corner Store, and we started a new, official, Facebook page. Leave some nice comments. :-)

The Tango: Toni, Chris, Urbz, Ms. Shawna, Rim Drama, Cameron

Anchors: Toni, Kyra, Chris, Patrick, Caitlin, Reina, Callie, Koral, Urbz

Dancing Eras: Toni, Chris, Cody, Rim Drama, Patrick, Mike Hoopes, Urbz, The Williams Bros.

Haunted House: Randi Hartman, RHS Drama

Intro: TK

HC Comms: Morgan, Kyle, Jeremy Dickerson

Megaphone Monday: Mr. Wear, Matthew Richardson, Cameron, Zach

Hill Dawg/Dr Pepper: Ben, Zach, Toni, Kyle, Urbz & many others.