Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2011-2012

Episode 6: Fogged In • October 7, 2011

Well, Jack Frost has returned to our mountain along with the wind, rain, falling rocks, and pea-soup-fog. Talk about a long super-duper episode. We supersized it for you! We are selling Rim Today buttons in the Corner Store, and we started a new, official, Facebook page. Leave some nice comments. :-)

Intro High-Five: Cameron, Chris, Toni, Koral

The NBD Show: Kyle, TK, Charlie, Morgan

Anchors: Reina, Callie, Autumn

Weather: Patrick, Ben, Cody

Flair Comm: Patrick, Caitlin, Ben, Cody

Hall Monitor: Kyra, Koral, Zach, Ben, Caitlin, Toni

HC Dance Comms: Katrina, Morgan, Cameron, Kyle Erber, Carrie, Evan, Patrick

Drama Comm: Cameron Walker, Taylor Hill, Mike Hoopes

Snake Gag: Ben, Zach