Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2011-2012

Episode 5: Keyed Up • September 30, 2011

A long week, multiple re-takes on most segments, quite a few green screen renderings, After Effects, and Urbz’s computer needed a full restore due to Mac OS X Lion. RHS Football takes on Big Bear HS this weekend for the King of the Mountain game. HUGE rivalry. Go Scots! Jacob Elledge is a really good magician/trickster. Rim Today did not fake anything for his segment. :-)
We continue to use FCP X to finish Rim Today and have added a few projects to that workflow. There are still a few hiccups of frustration.

Intro Graphics: TK

Intro: Toni, Mr. Gradillas

Anchors: Charlie, Kyle, Morgan, TK

Weather: Patrick, Ben, Cameron, Zach

Tennis: Chris Richter

PSAT: Katrina, Cody

Buttons: Cody, Kyle Erber, Zach, Caitlin

Yearbook Comm: Cameron, Zach, Koral

Magic Jake: Jake Elledge, Morgan, Callie, Reina, Toni, Autumn