Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2011-2012

Episode 4: Sportive • September 16, 2011

Another RHS football home game tonight! Some ideas work, some don’t, and sometimes the last minute school/club/admin requests make it instead. Rim Today is taking a break next week. See you on the 30th! For the inquiring editors out there, we finished this episode on Final Cut Pro X. Kyle McNeill and Joey Spooner are in X training. As soon as we can get more copies, the rest of the class will start using X more often.

Intro Graphics: TK, Kyle

Ping Pong: Kyle, Charlie, Katrina, Urbz

Anchors: Caitlin & Ben, Cody, Koral

Weather: Patrick & Cody, Cameron

Fall Sports: Chris Richter, Kyra, Toni, Ashley Kresge

Interviews: Cameron, Cody, Chris, Patrick, Koral

Football Comms: Morgan, Charlie, Cody, TK

Corner Store: Cody & 4th Pd AV

Paper Sports: Callie, Autumn, Reina, Cameron