Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2011-2012

Episode 3: Whoosh! • September 9, 2011

First RHS football home game tonight! Creating this RT was like pulling teeth. We need better audio work and concrete decisions on ideas. It was a short week, so Mr. Urbz was more forgiving. Sydney and Jordan (season X) visited Room 300. Always good to see AV alumni! This episode was not fully shown on school TV due to electrical issues affecting the TV computer harshly. We will add some of these segments to next week’s episode. For the inquiring editors out there, we finished this episode on Final Cut Pro X. For this specific episode, we saved about 90 minutes of work doing this. Again, just for this episode.

Opening: Kyra Grey, Cody Williams, Toni Haggard, Reina, Callie, Ben, Caitlin, Patrick McKuin, Seniors as Xtras

Intro Graphics: TK Crossno

Anchors: Autumn Raymond, Cody Williams

Weather: Patrick & Ben, Cameron

Sports: Morgan, Cody, Chris Richter, Toni, TK, Charlie

The Professor: Cameron, Cody, Ben, Zach Moran, Summer Foerch

Jellyfish: Caitlin Brady, Toni, Kyra