Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2011-2012

Episode 22: A Dry Run • April 27, 2012

Spring continues to drench us. Testing starts on April 30th. See you in two weeks. Only two Rim Today’s left after today!

Intro Graphics: TK

Anchors & Weather: Caitlin, Kyra, Toni, Cody, Taylor, Cameron, Tanner

Rim Drama Comm: Mike, Matt Marra

Ping Pong Comm: Kyra, Patrick

I Am a Person: Morgan & Friends

Mrs. Phillips Interview: Joey, Cody

RT Investigation: Mrs. Rigney, Zach, Cameron, David

The Hunger Games: Joey, Katrina, Kyle, 7th Period AV Crew

The Apple of Rim: Callie, Koral, Autumn, Reina

Swedish Phrases: TK, Kyle