Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2011-2012

Episode 18: Hollywood • March 16, 2012

Half of this Rim Today was shot in Hollywood on the sets of Mole-Richardson Studios with Ms. Halquist’s ROP 3D Animation students. Yes, we finally made it to Hollywood!! Next year, the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, no?

Intro Graphics: TK

Anchors: Kyle, TK, Urbz, Morgan

Daylight Savings: Patrick, Ben

RHS Sports: Chris, Toni, Urbz, Mr. Turner

Mustache March: Kyle, Joey, Katrina

Ping Pong Comm: Charlie, Katrina, TK, Kyle, Morgan

Time Traveller: Patrick, Cody, Zach

Cameron’s Bday Wish: Cody, Cameron, Toni, Morgan, Urbz

Weather: Cody, Mike, Taylor

Special Thanks
-Mr. Larry Mole Parker
-Ms. Amy Vincent
-Ms. Halquist
-ROP 3D Students
-Ms. Hannah McDonald