Not Tomorrow, But Today... 2000-2023

Episode 12: Snow Break • December 16, 2011

Our Holiday Break is here. Winter snow, cold, and wind continues to chill our bones! Oh, do we need the break. We had a limited RT due to the weather; Snow Day on Tues and the snow hit again during editing Thursday afternoon. No late editing except for Urbz doing it late. This episode has a deleted scene in it. Can you find it?

Intro & Elf: TK, Patrick, Kyra

Anchors & Wrapping: TK & Morgan, Ben

Weather: Toni, Taylor

Santa Pics: Cody, Cameron

Mr & Mrs Faust: Chris, Toni, Zach

AP Gov: Ben, Zach

Fluffy Olympics: Autumn, Koral, Callie, Reina

Admin Games: Ben, Cody, Toni, Autumn, Cameron

Last Minute Gift: Cameron, Zach

Beard Slap: TK, Kyle, Charlie