Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2020-2021

Episode 4: RimtodayVision • February 26, 2021

Here is the fourth episode of Season 20: RimtodayVision

Your Host: Tiffanie Messina
New Season 20 Logo: Mr. Powell [see which seasons the letters refer to!]
Edited by: Mr Urbz

— Selections —

Mr. Urbz
Season 2: "Neil Diamond"
Michael Puglisi is a Rim Today icon who demonstrated "No Fear" with his creativity then and he is still fearless in his ideas today. Can you imagine the teacher asking the Administrators permission to show this to the whole school back in the day??

Veronica Young
Season 7 - Episode 14: The Longest Valentine
Throughout the Valentines episode, this was the most directly related (least announce-y type), and when he’s throwing the petals, it spells out Rim Today with the date which I think is kinda neat as it is the throwback episode and its kinda cool to see that it was in 2008.

Cole Barnes
Season 8 - Episode 2
I think this is a good skit, because it shows that even throughout the years our rules haven’t changed, and it’s pretty funny as well.

Makayla Munchhof
Season 10 - Episode 15: “Fashion Club”
I choose this skit because I think it's a bit ironic to see how clothing trends honestly haven’t changed that much from 10 years ago.

Kaitlyn Howell
Season 4 - Episode 16
I chose this skit because I thought it was cute and I liked the way they edited the kids singing the song. They used a series of jump cuts of the different kids singing the song to different teachers.

Joel Hust
Season 12 - Episode 16: "Insert Coin"
I chose this skit because the entire episode shows a ton of similarities and differences between now and then, this particular skit shows how much is different from then.

Taya Dafnis
Season 17 - Episode 9: "Quick and Sweet Eats"
I chose this skit because it's pretty funny and it's also a Student Swim, I also remember watching this one my freshman year and people found it pretty funny.

Tiffanie Messina
Season 8 - Snow Day's Valentine
I chose this skit because it was very creative. It's also a bit ironic seeing-as though this year's Valentine's Day, couples most likely weren't able to go out to fancy restaurants due to covid, and the couples that are separated from the quarantine weren't able to even see each other. So it would be easy to just have a robot boyfriend or girlfriend for the day.

Bailee Tolton
Season 19, Episode 8 –“ Just Wild”
The “F Word” skit where they are all fake fighting, and Will is describing how we take the no cursing rule in Rim Today very seriously.

Daryn Wolcott
Season 14 - Episode 11: "The Office"
Umm... cliche but I feel that the fact it is off Netflix is sad and I crave redemption.