Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2018-2019

Episode 7 in HD: Gobble it Down • November 16, 2018

Here is the Thanksgiving episode of Season 18 in HD!

Anchors: Jacob Powser, Alex Schmid, Kent Smith
Weather: Dakota DeBenedictis, Tabitha Trimble, Jessica Donald, Mr. Powell
Did You Know: Brooke Erber, Uriel Ponce, Hailey Fries
Black Friday: Hailey Fries, Brooke Erber, Cole Barnes, Evan Kassouf, Jacob Powser, Kent Smith
Save the Turkey: The whole RT crew
What are your thankful for?: Brooke Erber, Hailey Fries
Turkey Season: Nathan Mainez, Cole Barnes, Evan Kassouf, Kaitlyn Howell
Final Edit by Mr. Powell