Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2018-2019

Episode 2 in HD: When in Rome • September 7, 2018

Here is second episode of Season 18 with Mr. Urbz as the (sub) teacher of the week, and it is in HD!

Final HD edit by guest teacher, Mr. Urbz.
How to Fail: Dakota DeBenedictis, Tabitha Trimble
Intro: Cole Barnes, Cody Williams, Jessica Donald, and the rest of the crew
Cross Country : Evan Kassouf, Cole, Jessica
Science Club: Brooke Erber
Anchors: Kaitlyn Howell, Jessica, Cody Williams
Weather: Jessica, Hailey Fries, Cole, Evan, Nathan Mainez, Tabitha Trimble
Freshman Safari Football Comm: Jacob Powser, Alex Schmid, Brooke
Spirit Days: Alex, Brooke, Elijah Kiter, Patrick Bellante
Outro: Mr. Powell did something last minute. :P