Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2017-2018

Episode 4: Homecoming • October 19, 2017

Here is the fourth episode of Season 17.

Anchors - Marley Hughes, Alex Schmid, Tristen Snyder, Andrew Koelliker, Jennifer Cederholm
Fashion Police - Alex Schmid, Jessica Donald, Elijah Kiter, Andrew Koelliker, Tristen Snyder, Jarett Rodriguez, Marley Hughes
Doc and Morty - Elijah Kiter, Dakota DeBenedictis, Andrew Koelliker, Jessica Donald, Alex Schmid, Jarett Rodriguez, Marley Hughes, Alex Schmid, Mr. Powell
Be Humble - Mr. Newcombe, Dakota DeBenedictis, Alex Schmid, Andrew Koelliker, Elijah Kiter, Mr. Powell