Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2008-2009

Episode 6: Gags & Tricks • October 24, 2008

After Effects Intro: Alyssa Spooner & Fritz Grigsby

Anchors: Riley McDonald and Special Guest, Mr. Christopher McDonald, Jared Powell

Recycle Stop Animation #2: Brian Glassey, Katy Lester

Football Commercials: Taylor Ward, Sean Cast, Cody Snow, Fritz Grigsby

Magic Card Trick: Molly O’Rear, Cody Litman, and Mr. Nygren

Crazy Josh: Ryan Halldorson, Weston Gerken, Tiffany Reed, Mr. Lees, Josh Norton

RT Live Gag: Cody Snow, Rose Plooy, Bobby Cohen, Riley McDonald, Taylor Ward,
Molly O’Rear

Rim Today Coffee Special: Colin O’Donnell, Hannah McDonald, Fritz Grigsby

Mad Science Commercial: Mackenzie O’Rear, Jared Powell, Hannah McDonald

Ending Graphics: Mackenzie O’Rear