Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2008-2009

Episode 19: The Office Remix • April 4 & 17, 2009

Scriptwriter: Kyle McNeill, Hannah McDonald

Directors: Katy Lester, Kyle McNeill

Editors: Fritz Grigsby, Alyssa Spooner, Kyle McNeill, Katy Lester

Video Technicians: Ron Nance, Mac O’Rear, Molly O’Rear, Brandin Wilson, CJ Simmons, Ryan Halldorson, Rose Plooy, Colin O’Donnell, Hannah McDonald, Courtney Hearne,

Actors: Charles Baldwin, Jon White, Kyle McNeill, Katy Lester, Ken Wambui, Riley McDonald, Taylor Ward, Alyssa Spooner

ASB Commercial: Cody Snow, Ken Wambui

Vandalism: Alyssa Spooner, Weston Gerken, Matthew Hastings, Mr. Andy Post, Zach Lynch

Swedish Exchange Project 2009: Taylor Ward, Jared Powell, CJ Simmons

This is a special episode where the team came together in the best possible way -- and they should have pride about it. Riley, Jared, and Urbz were in Sweden. Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Barcus, Mrs. Urbz, and Mrs. Halquist all gave their extra, time, and support to make this all work, and we thank them. Mr. Urbz helped out remotely from Sweden. When we came back, we decided to remix this episode with some more scenes, better audio, and some tweaks overall.