Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2008-2009

Episode 15: Snow Day's Valentine • February 14, 2009

Anchors: Alyssa Spooner, Matt Hastings, Urbz

Weather: Riley McDonald, Jared Powell, Urbz, Hannah McDonald, Cody Snow

Animal Commercial: Brian Glassey, Ken Wambui, Arnold the Dog

Interviews: Rosemarie Plooy, Molly O’Rear, Mac O’Rear, Ron Nance

Quartet Commercial: Bobby Cohen, Daniel Lopez, Riley McDonald, Mr. Ballantyne, Cody Litman, Rim High Drama People

GSA Commercial: Mac O’Rear

House 2: Jon White, Mac O’Rear, CJ Simmons, Brandon Wilson, Courtney Hearne, Cody Litman, Ron Nance, and Mrs. Phillips (she bought the candy).

(This RT was mostly shot & produced in one day.)