Not Tomorrow, But Today ... 2010-2011

Episode 9: Top Chef • December 2, 2010

Dedicated to Mrs. Roy

Graphics: Kyle, Patty, Tyler

Head Chefs: Vince & Gino Howard

RT Cooking Crew: John, Jordan, Sierra, Toni, Sydney, Drew, Matt, Crispin, Joey Bellante, Morgan

Interview Crew: Cody Williams, Max

Cameras: Patty, Hannah, Kyle, Urbz, Ashley Kresge

Extra Help: 2nd & 7th period AV, and Mr. Tinkle

Scriptwriting: Hannah

Special Thanks: Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Urbz, Mr. Nygren, Mr. Turner,
Mrs. Halquist, Mrs. Tomlinson, Mrs. Sweet, Mrs. Osher, Mrs. Roy,
and Season V Head Chef, Vince Howard.

Comments: Rim Today cooked and cleaned for real for this episode.