1st Visit to Mole-Richardson Studios in Hollywood


The Making Of...

Mrs. Halquist’s 3D Animation and Mr. Urbz’s Advanced AV courses were invited to the 2011 Lake Arrowhead Film Festival. As we entered the building, Mr. Larry Parker met us at the door and had a “campfire” discussion about the festival and Film Schools. He invited us to visit his studio in Hollywood. We were blown away.

So, Mrs. Halquist and Mrs. Phillips expedited a way for our classes to go on a field trip.

We were welcomed at Mole-Richardson Studios with warmth and energy. We learned about lighting, production, history of film, and so much more.

Here are short videos we produced from an on-the-fly hands-on exercise. The bottom video shows us working behind the scenes.

Better quality versions of these videos are posted on Mr. Urbz’s Vimeo channel. Click here and here.


  1. -Hannah McDonald

  2. -Mr. Larry Mole Parker

  3. -Max Von Strawn

  4. -Mr. Matt Turve


  1. -Patty Bellante

  2. -Zach Moran

  3. -Cody Williams


  1. -Gino Howard

  2. -Sydney Huch

  3. -Benjamin Brown

  4. -Hunter Crawford

  5. -MRS Crew/Instructors

  6. -Jason, Corwin, Ian

  7. -Rachel, Ted, Fernando


  1. -Joey Spooner

  2. -Tristan Drew

  3. -Urbz

  4. -Editing all in FCP X

Special Thanks

  1. -Mr. Larry Mole Parker

  2. -MRS Crew & Staff

  3. -Mrs. Halquist

  4. -Mr. Urbz

  1. -Lake Arrowhead Film Festival

Impromptu Production